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Cost-effective and versatile:
Our packaging is an all-round talent

Corrugated cardboard boxes: Fefco 0201 with perforation, Fefco 0427 (folding carton), checkout basket with handles

Corrugated board packaging has many positive properties: it is not only particularly environmentally friendly and cost-effective, but also versatile in its use. This, is what our customers appreciate the most about our packaging solutions. Given that, what would be a contradiction with other forms of packaging, is implicit with corrugated board: In the warehouse, as well as during transport, it is stable and protects the packaged goods, and in retail, its easy handling (shelf-ready design) scores top marks all round. Whether single-flute or multi-flute packaging – there is hardly a product today that cannot be packaged safely, conveniently, and cost-effectively in corrugated board.

At Carl Eichhorn, we have specialised in these industries and their applications:

  • Consumer goods
  • Industry
  • E-Commerce
  • Food and beverages
  • Processors & merchants

Environmentally friendly and sustainable: our materials

Did you know that no other transport and logistics packaging incorporates as environmentally friendly into the raw material cycle as corrugated board? 90% of our paper raw materials are recycled paper-based materials. Furthermore, we source our primary and secondary fibres, as well as all types of glue, exclusively from certified suppliers.

We process all common paper types in white and brown, as well as all common grammages, such as:

  • Kraftliner
  • Testliner
  • Schrenz
  • Corrugated