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We embrace sustainability

Our company entrance in Jülich-Kirchberg with a large sign. The squirrel, our company logo, can be found in various places in our company.

For us, economic efficiency coupled with a respectful and responsible approach to people and nature go hand in hand. With the production of corrugated board, we also make a significant contribution to environmental protection, resource conservation and sustainability – especially compared to other packaging solutions. In addition, we generate solar power and invest in energy prevention and recovery.

Our sustainable commitment with regard to … .

Close-up of stacked corrugated board: the corrugations are the reason for the stability of our packagingCorrugated cardboard during production in the corrugator: still very flexible and on its way to drying.

Corrugated base papers

Our corrugated base paper consists of 90% wastepaper that has previously already been recycled. The remaining share comes from sustainably managed forestry and controlled sources.

Carbon footprint

The carbon footprint measures the total amount of carbon dioxide emitted by a product or a company. This includes direct and indirect emissions generated at the stages of the product life cycle and throughout the entire value chain. Our comparison to other packaging materials:

Corrugated board 887 kg CO2 per tonne
Plastics 3.453 kg CO2 per tonne
Steel 1.095 kg CO2 per tonne
Aluminium 5.570 kg CO2 per tonne

In our paper roll warehouse, the paper rolls await further processing into corrugated cardboard.Our old company logo at the entrance to our administration building in Jülich-Kirchberg.

Adhesives & Colours

Our adhesives used are natural products based on wheat starch. In addition, the flexo-based inks we use are also water-based, solvent-free and free of mineral oils and PVC. This also makes the inks food-safe, so we can also supply the food industry with sustainable products.


By way of regular energy analyses, we review the realisable energy saving potential of Carl Eichhorn KG and invest in direct and indirect energy-saving measures, e.g.

  • error-minimised production (use-related energy expenditure)
  • use of state-of-the-art energy-saving machinery and equipment
  • optimised compressor systems in all plants
  • central main waste belts instead of individual systems, etc.
  • conversion of all lighting fixtures to LED lighting technology

The folder gluer can fold and glue together our corrugated cardboard packaging in a single step.A robot packs finished corrugated cardboard packaging. We then deliver it to the customer using our own logistics.

An employee operates one of our corrugators. He is wearing hearing protection to protect him from excessive noise exposure.An employee of our packaging development department in Jülich-Kirchberg in front of a machine for the production of prototypes.


For us, every single employee forms the basis of the company’s success. At Carl Eichhorn KG, we encourage our team members and respect their individuality. Further training measures, reintegration after illness, reconciling work and family life and the inclusion and recruitment of older employees are a matter of course for us.