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10.02.23 - Clear position: Planned EU packaging regulation is destructive to the market

The European Union is planning a new packaging regulation, the “Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation”. In principle, the goal of reducing packaging waste and harmonizing recycling throughout Europe is quite positive. However, it is unacceptable that the planned regulation envisages a reusable quota of 90 percent for packaging for large household appliances from 2030 and a quota of 10 percent for e-commerce packaging from 2030, followed by a quota of 50 percent from 2040. Together with other representatives of the paper industry, we pointed this out to Dr. Patricia Peill, member of the state parliament, and Thomas Rachel, member of the Bundestag, at a round of talks held by the “Vereinigte Industrieverbände”.

The present bill fails to recognize that packaging made of paper, cardboard and paperboard can be fully recycled. It has the highest recycling rate of 82 percent in the EU, and in Germany the rate is as high as 89 percent. Around 60 percent of total German paper production is packaging paper. Studies show that their fibers can be recycled at least 25 times. This also applies to corrugated board and machine board used as transport packaging.

Conclusion: It is incomprehensible that the use of renewable raw materials in combination with an exemplary and functioning recycling system should not be put on an equal footing with reusable packaging.


A robot packs finished corrugated cardboard packaging. We then deliver it to the customer using our own logistics.Corrugated cardboard sheets at the end of the corrugator. The sheets will be used to produce corrugated cardboard boxes in further processing.

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From simple corrugated boxes to die-cut packaging with individually designed interiors to hold the goods in place, to completely customised online boxes: at Carl Eichhorn Wellpappenwerke we offer you a colourful portfolio of boxes made of corrugated board.

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From an initial idea to high-quality manufactured packaging: together with us, you can package your products individually and in an eye-catching way. Our modern machinery facilitates a wide range of production processes, so that we can offer you vast types of corrugated boxes tailored to your needs at the highest efficiency and quality. The protection of our environment and climate is essential to us in everything we do, hence we only use sustainable raw materials and low-migration inks and adhesives. If this sounds interesting to you, we are pleased to offer you a non-binding meeting to discuss how we can provide you with the best packaging for your product.