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31.08 - Statement on the current supply situation

Dear Customers,

In order to address your understandable concerns about the future supply of packaging, we would be happy to inform you about the current situation.

Our energy supply is based on natural gas, which our regional suppliers also obtain from the world market. Against the background of the worsening geopolitical crisis, we cannot rule out that our gas supply will be interrupted by regulatory measures, e.g. B. for reasons of setting priorities in favor of public and private energy supply in Germany. Nevertheless, we do not expect a gas shortage in 2022.

However, as a family-run company, we have taken precautions and secured ourselves in good time with alternative fuels, which enable us to produce your packaging in both plants for several months, even without natural gas.

All of the raw, auxiliary and operating materials required for corrugated board production are sourced exclusively from Germany. Nevertheless, systemic supply bottlenecks can certainly occur at our upstream suppliers. We try to compensate for this by increasing storage. A supply bottleneck is not foreseeable.

In the logistics area, we rely on our regional forwarding agency, which counteracts the ever-increasing bottleneck in the freight compartment with its own drivers and vehicles. For the last 4 weeks we have had 10 more trucks at our disposal.

Rest assured that our family business will do everything to continue to provide you with corrugated packaging, even in these difficult and uncertain times.

A look at our production of versatile cardboard boxes made of corrugated cardboard.

From corrugated box to pallet packaging

From simple corrugated boxes to die-cut packaging with individually designed interiors to hold the goods in place, to completely customised online boxes: we offer you a colourful portfolio of boxes made of corrugated board. Further, in cooperation with our subsidiary noble pac, we ensure the professional realisation of even the most unusual packaging requests.

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From an initial idea to high-quality manufactured packaging: together with us, you can package your products individually and in an eye-catching way. Our modern machinery facilitates a wide range of production processes, so that we can offer you vast types of corrugated boxes tailored to your needs at the highest efficiency and quality. The protection of our environment and climate is essential to us in everything we do, hence we only use sustainable raw materials and low-migration inks and adhesives. If this sounds interesting to you, we are pleased to offer you a non-binding meeting to discuss how we can provide you with the best packaging for your product.